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About Will Taylor

You may hear people say, a picture is worth a thousand words. It is also a means to capture ones personality, emotion, experience... a moment in time, one that you will never get back. We are not here on earth permanently and photos are a way to remember and travel back through time... Now it's up to me to tell your story.


I celebrate life and love which begins with God the designer, artist and creator. Next, family is where legacy begins that is handed down to the generations. It's a deep passion of mine to see God's plan for family in effect.

Three Fun Facts About Me:

1. It's easy to bribe me with food
2. I enjoy writing and arranging music
3. My wife is my best friend

Photography Services:

1. Professional Headshots
2. Artist & Model Portfolios
3. Event Photography
4. Fashion Photography

Contact me for custom pricing:

202-905-2365 / info@willtaylorprophoto.com

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