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About Will Taylor

I'm a native Washingtonian. I have been behind the camera since 1987, starting out as a yearbook photographer in High School.  Breaking only a short time to pursue music in the early 90s. But when my daughter was born, I put down music and picked up my camera again. I began to seriously study the art of photography as I wanted better pictures of my daughter... in the best lighting... in the best environment. After all she is worth it. So are you. You may hear people say, a picture is worth a thousand words, I believe it. And it's my personal responsibility  to capture the real you in photos that recall a moment in time... to allow others to travel back through time to see you at that moment... it's up to me to tell your thousand words to the world... to tell your story.


I celebrate life and love which begins with God the designer, artist and creator. Next, family is where legacy begins that is handed down to the generations. It's a deep passion of mine to see God's plan for family in effect.

Three Fun Facts About Me:

1. It's easy to bribe me with food
2. I enjoy writing and arranging music
3. My wife is my best friend

Photography Services:

1. Primary business is Professional Headshots
2. Artist & Model Portfolios
3. Event Photography
4. Commercial Photography

Contact me for custom pricing:

202-905-2365 / info@willtaylorprophoto.com

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